About Us

So how did this all start…

In 2003 Malissa and I got married in San Diego, CA.  I was currently serving in the United States Navy and just accepted orders to Spain, where we were to live for the next 2 years.  This is when the travel bug bit us both!  With our limited budget and Honda Accord, we would fill the tank and go as far as we could driving along the southern shores of the beautiful countryside of Spain.

Fast forward a few years and we found ourselves in Washington State living in the unbelievably green Puget Sound.  I was on the last few months of my enlistment and we were planning on moving back to sunny Southern California.  At this point, our budget had not allowed much travel other then day trips, but that did not stop us from dreaming of far off lands and trips abroad.   

Another quick fast forward, and the decision was made that after Malissa’s graduation from Chapman University we were to move to Denver, CO our current home.  During this time I was transitioning to a job that took me to many parts of the world including Africa, which turned out to be a perfect jump for our next big adventure.  We scrimped and saved and took a 40 day trip through Uganda, into Dubai, and eventually trekking from Kathmandu, Nepal to New Dehli, India.

At this point we were truly afflicted by the Wanderlust.  It was insatiable, and unrelenting.  Adventure was always in our minds, where to visit next.  Peru to be exact.  We enlisted some friends and family to join us and we were off.  The summer of 2013 we packed our backpacks and headed out the door, visiting much of the countryside including the famed Machu Pichu.  We had an incredible time and met some wonderful friends that we still keep in contact with today.


Up until just a couple years ago, we were unfamiliar with the term “Overlanding”, and were destined to travel the traditional way of packing a backpack, jumping on a plane and tromping around a country for pre-determined amounts of time.  Until….one day I was exposed to a new form of travel that included one of my favorite hobbies of Off-Roading.